About Jess


Jess Frederick is a DONA-trained, CPR-certified doula, and a Healthy Children’s Project certified LC or breastfeeding counselor. Based in Brooklyn, she works with clients throughout New York City.

As a postpartum supporter Jess brings her innate understanding of newborns, a creative disposition, her empathy for new parents, her night-owl tendencies together. She helps takes the pressure off new parents and builds their confidence with her patience, humor, and expertise.

 With years of experience in postpartum care Jess understands that the needs of your family can change daily, that parents are often overwhelmed by the myriad of choices they face regarding the care of their baby. From breastfeeding to bottle feeding, co-sleeping to crib sleeping, Jess helps you decide.  Emphasizing the importance of flexibility and finding parenting methods that work for the baby and the entire family. Jess aims to help you become the ultimate expert on your baby’s needs.











Along the road to becoming a doula Jess has taught art, worked in advertising, and had success as a fine artist.  An accomplished painter, Jess’ work has benefited charities, her animal paintings have been privately commissioned both in the US and abroad.

She believes that her creativity and doula work are strongly connected she comfortably balances her joy of postpartum care giving with her artistic endeavors.  

Jess offers both day and overnight support for new families. To contact Jess about her doula services, email